Painting Parties​

No paint parties can be scheduled at this time, as instructor had surgery.  Notification will be posted on website after the first of the year for the date parties/classes will resume.

The party comes to you!

Have a group of friends and family that would all like to oil paint?   For a group of 6 to 12, all supplies needed will be brought to the location of your choice and everyone will leave with their own masterpiece.  Oil painting classes and parties in Cumming, GA and the surrounding areas allow you the freedom to paint where you want and when you want.

Want to have wine while you paint, go ahead!  Since you won't have to drive home afterwards, you are free to indulge and relax while creating your painting.

Tables, chairs, easels, canvases, paints, brushes, aprons and everything needed to paint will be provided.  You provide any food and drinks and you have an instant party to enjoy with your friends and family. Wet Life Painting lets you party your way without the worry.

Prices per person: (includes all supplies)

​12x16 - $35.00                 16x20 - $45.00                18x24 - $55.00

Price includes 25 mile radius driving distance. For trips over 25 miles, a trip fee will be charged of  $5.00 for each additional 5 miles traveled.    

* Children will only be allowed to paint if a parent is painting also.  Paint thinner is used and children under 14 should not handle, the parent would need to handle thinner for their child.  

​** Painting classes last for approximately 3-4 hours so consider a child's ability to sit and pay attention for that length of time before including them in a class.