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Thursday, February 22nd
11:00 AM - 2:30 PM
16x20 landscape
$45.00 (includes all supplies)

In this three/four hour class you will complete a full oil painting that you will take home the same day.  The fun and easy wet-on-wet technique provides a simple carefree painting experience that you are sure to enjoy.

All supplies are provided so there's no costly investment to give it a try.

Come relax and enjoy the freedom to create on canvas.  You won't believe what you can do!

* Children will only be allowed to paint if a parent is painting also.  Paint thinner is used and children under 14 should not handle, the parent would need to handle thinner for their child.  

** Painting classes last for approximately 3 hours so consider a child's ability to sit and pay attention for that length of time before including them in a class.

Upcoming classes:

Private Lessons

12x16 landscape (approximately 2 hours)                                $95.00

16x20 landscape  (approximately 3 hours)                              $120.00

18x24 landscape (approximately 4 hours)                               $145.00

Technique instruction                                                                  

$70.00 first hour then $25.00 per hour

(includes one canvas/supplies. Additional canvas/supplies $20.00 each)                      

Saturday, March 10th
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
16x20 landscape
$45.00 (includes all supplies)

Classes held at the Hobby Lobby located in Cumming, GA at 

655 S. Atlanta Rd

Cumming, GA 30040

To register for a class call Sherry at 470-242-4938 or email from contact tab.  

Next scheduled classes are:

Saturday, March 3rd

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

12x16 landscape

​$35.00 (includes all supplies)

Make & Take Classes​


​​      12x16 - $35.00           16x20 - $45.00​           18x24 - $55.00

Prices include all supplies 

Thursday, March 22nd

​1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

16x20 landscape

​$45.00 (includes all supplies)

Upcoming classes for 2018:

Saturdays:                          Thursdays:


Apr 14th                              Apr 26th

May 12th                             May 24th

Jun 9th                                Jun 21st

Jul 14th                                Jul 26th

Aug 11th                              Aug 23rd

Sep 8th                                Sep 20th

Oct 13th                              Oct 25th

Nov 10th                             Nov 29th

Dec 8th                               Dec 13th   ​​