Thursday, May 24th
11:00 AM - 2:30 PM
16x20 landscape
$45.00 (includes all supplies)

In this three/four hour class you will complete a full oil painting that you will take home the same day.  The fun and easy wet-on-wet technique provides a simple carefree painting experience that you are sure to enjoy.

All supplies are provided so there's no costly investment to give it a try.

Come relax and enjoy the freedom to create on canvas.  You won't believe what you can do!

* Children will only be allowed to paint if a parent is painting also.  Paint thinner is used and children under 14 should not handle, the parent would need to handle thinner for their child.  

** Painting classes last for approximately 3 hours so consider a child's ability to sit and pay attention for that length of time before including them in a class.

Upcoming classes:

12x16 landscape (approximately 2 hours)                                $95.00

16x20 landscape  (approximately 3 hours)                              $120.00

18x24 landscape (approximately 4 hours)                               $145.00

Technique instruction                                                                  

$70.00 first hour then $25.00 per hour

(includes one canvas/supplies. Additional canvas/supplies $20.00 each)                      


​​      12x16 - $35.00           16x20 - $45.00​           18x24 - $55.00

Prices include all supplies 

Make & Take Classes​

Saturday, May 12th

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

16x20 landscape

​$45.00 (includes all supplies)

Classes held at the Hobby Lobby located in Cumming, GA at 

655 S. Atlanta Rd

Cumming, GA 30040

To register for a class call Sherry at 470-242-4938 or email from contact tab.  

Next scheduled classes are:

Private Lessons

Upcoming classes for 2018:

Saturdays:                          Thursdays:


Jun 9th                                Jun 21st

Jul 14th                                Jul 26th

Aug 11th                              Aug 23rd

Sep 8th                                Sep 20th

Oct 13th                              Oct 25th

Nov 10th                             Nov 29th

Dec 8th                               Dec 13th   ​​